vendredi 20 novembre 2009

Gold makes History...

This century seems to be the first in human history
where Men are not that much interested in real gold value...How bad is that ? Fujiyama is speaking about the end of civilization ! How possible is this to happened ? What is civilization and how can we be sure that we have taken the right way to come out of the world crise ?
One thing is certain ....

We have messed up the sense of value ...

Let's watch gold history to understand this warning .
The day the archaeologists found on Akrotiri the golden ibex , they felt proud to show it to the public and they've taken the decision to open the Prehistoric museum of Thera !
Why is that ?
Because nobody at the time would have gone without its mobile values !

What are today our mobile values ?
What are thy made off?
Because silicon is used to pass through messages ....
Because there are no messages anymore on golden jewelery that they are designed to cost less money , so anyone can get profit of it !

But if we design industrial costless jewelery for anyone without a message , then why should we use gold?

To make people believe that they are rich !
Is that enough to become rich? Certainly not , since we buy them with credit !
Credit has sense , only if it helps in development ...
Is it good for development about people to think themselves rich with credit?
The answer is what has taken us to the world crise !


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