vendredi 20 novembre 2009

Spiral: The life giving organ of the gods ...

The life giving organ, is the most ancient image
of the god named "Taurus"...

In Akrotiri in prehistoric Thera "Taurus "symbol was decorating
the shrine room of xeste 3 right in the entrance ...
Taurus bracelet in white gold matt 18k and topazes ...price = 1.200 euro
Order this at info[at]

taurus earrings in silver and topazes price =
45 euro

Taurus necklace in silver and topazes
price = 600 euro

spirale neklace and bracelet in 18 k gold hammered
price = 6000 euro for both !
The ideal gift to celebrate a new life ....
A woman maturity or graduation....
A piece of History with more than 4000 years value equal to life itself

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